HKE Society's Women's Polytechnic, Kalaburagi

Established in 1984
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and
Affiliated to Board of Technical Education, Bengaluru


Architecture Department

Established in the year :2001

Highly qualified & Experienced Staff

Our course is academic in approach, emphasising architecture as a cultural as well as technological subject. The core of the teaching programme is in practical design carried out in studios (from the large scale of a city to the smallest detail), and supported by lectures which draw upon the humanities (history and theory) and sciences (construction, environmental design and structures).

Our small and friendly Department has a very good staff/student ratio and we have a computer facilities & Model making Workshop.
The Professional Diploma is aimed at the architecture student who understands that the world is in a time of transition and that building design plays an important role in environmental impact. Therefore there is great potential within the profession for environmental change and this is pivotal to the entire sustainability debate.


Faculty Details


Sl No Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Experience DTE Code AICTE Code
 01 Smt. Kavita Math  HOD M.SC 15   146355  1-499158721
 02 Miss. Sridevi J A  Lecturer B.Arch 02   157681  1-4690066310
 03 Miss. Priyanka R  Lecturer B.Arch 03   153471  1-3651925364
 04 Sri. Vinay S  Lecturer B.Arch 08   146383  1-471690153
 05 Miss. Mariyam Huda  Lecturer B.Arch 02   146374  1-3694086527
 06 Smt. Harshita D  Lecturer  B.Arch 05   146369  1-2503934674
 07 Miss. Divya S  Lecturer B.Arch 01   158675  1-4690557067
 08 Miss. KEERTHI  Lecturer B.Arch 01   158832  1-4690224178
 09 Miss. Harsha J O  Lecturer B.Arch 05   146375  1-2503860942
 10 Sri. Sangamnath S P Asst. Inst Diploma 08