HKE Society's Women's Polytechnic, Kalaburagi

Established in 1984
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and
Affiliated to Board of Technical Education, Bengaluru


Electronics & Communications Engg

Established in the year :1987

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

In recent years, electronics and communication field has made unprecedented growth in terms of new technologies new ideas and principles throughout the world. The rate of obsolescence of technologies also has been extremely high. Researchers, academicians, industries and the society at large have to work in unison to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing discipline. The research organizations and industries that work in this frontier area are in need of highly skilled and scientifically oriented manpower. This manpower can be available only with effective training programs by technical institutions and industries. Since its inception in 1987 the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering has been consistently working towards this goal. The department provides industrial oriented practical training to the students. It is producing diploma engineers of excellent caliber.

The department offers three year full-time Diploma Programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering.  It aims to impart high quality technical education to the students and train them to meet the ever changing expectations of industry. 


The department’s ultimate goal is to kindle the creativity and new thoughts among the students by imparting knowledge and skill, thus making them competent, disciplined and quality engineers to serve the society and the nation. First it is ensured that the students perceive the Electronics engineering fundamentals thoroughly. Besides fulfilling the requirements of the syllabus prescribed by the Directorate of Technical Education, extensive tests and assignments, students are practiced well to face board examinations held by the Directorate of Technical Education at the end each semester.

The department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members and excellent infrastructure in laboratory to do all experiments stipulated by the Directorate of Technical Education. Students are always given the best opportunities for independent thinking, which will help them in utilizing their potential creativity. The faculty has succeeded in keeping a lively atmosphere among the students, through the innovative teaching techniques with timely improvements to student’s performances in curriculum. The department shares the Mission and Vision of the Institute in imparting high quality technical education to the students. Many students having passed out of this department until now are all pursuing successful ventures / careers many reputed industries and institutions throughout the country.


Faculty Details


Sl No Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Experience DTE Code AICTE Code
 01 Smt. Jagadevi A  Sr. Lecture M.E (PE) 30  146312  1-475683582
 02 Sri. Annarao J  Lecturer M.Tech 22  146349  1-471284213
 03 Smt. Saroja Patil   HOD BE (E&CE) 15  146361  1-471284217
 04 Sri. Sharan Prakash Alur  Lecturer BE (IT) 11  146368  1-466825241
 05 Smt. Sangeeta S Deshmukh  Lecturer BE (E&CE) 08  146397  1-795936752
 06 Smt. Bindiya Biradar   Lecturer  BE (IT) 10  146370  1-472593901
 07 Miss. Veena S  Lecturer BE (E&CE) 05  146533  1-1400464543
 08 Smt. Rekha S Yalgi  Lecturer MA 08  152091  1-472663391
 09 Smt. Saraswati .C .S  Instructor Diploma 13  146380  
 10 Sri.Sangamesh V N  Instructor Diploma 10  152086